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The Restaurant has a homely warm inviting atmosphere and is an ideal way to spend an evening with that someone special. Your Host John invites you to a drink on him when you have a three course al'acarte meal in the Restaurant.
  • Prawn Cocktail
    Large succulent Norwegian prawns on a bed of crisp iceberg lettuce topped with a seafood sauce and served with fingers of freshly buttered brown bread
  • Salmon Fume
    Thinly sliced smoked Scottish salmon garnished with cucumber, lettuce and tomato served with fingers of buttered wholemeal brown bread
  • Scalloped Crab
    Craster Crabmeat with a rich cheese and cream sauce with a hint of brandy. A real luxury starter which is a speciality of the Gables
  • Garlic Mushrooms
    Fresh picked mushrooms cooked in nutritious garlic butter and served piping hot with garlic bread
  • Fruit Juices
    Cool, pleasant and refreshing orange, pineapple, grapefruit and tomato beverage
  • King Scallops
    A popular continental dish cooked in an appetizing white wine sauce delightfully piped with creamed potato and browned
  • Pate
    Embellished with a nutritious salad and served with fresh golden garlic bread
  • Sardine Salad
    Portuguese sardines served with a mouth-watering colourful mosaic of salad and tomato
  • Prawns in Garlic Butter
    Delectable pink prawns cooked slowly in garlic and butter served piping hot together with freshly buttered brown bread
  • Soup of the Day
    Always homemade and served with fresh bread buns and butter
  • Baked Egg with Prawns
    Fresh free-range eggs with succulent prawns served in cream and butter
  • Dressed Crab
    Cullercoats crab dressed to perfection
  • King Sized Crispy Prawns
    Delectable pink prawns coated in rich golden bread crumbs and deep fried
  • Buffalo Wings
    Spicy chicken wings with a chili sauce
Main Course
  • Tournedos Mirabeau
    A succulent freshly grilled fillet steak served on crisply fried bread topped with anchovy and black olive garnish
  • Salmon Steak Florentine
    Nutritious poached salmon steak served on a bed of freshly cooked spinach and smothered in lemon butter
  • Buttered Trout
    A gastronomic delight baked fresh water trout with a creamy chive sauce and liberally sprinkled with toasted almonds
  • Lemon Sole
    Delicious lemon sole fillets gently poached in a white wine, prawn and mushroom sauce
  • Grilled Sirloin Steak
    An 8oz juicy, succulent sirloin steak tinged with a hint of garlic grilled to your own particular specification
  • T Bone Steak
    Approximately 14ozs of the best British beef cooked to your own individual preference, with or without garlic
  • Chicken Kiev
    The tasty garlic butter is used to enrich this superbly nutritious chicken breast
  • Duckling a la Orange
    A delicious delicacy of duck roasted to perfection and embellished with an orange sauce which has been enriched with Quantro liqueur to give an added luxury
  • Lobster Thermidor
    A rich red Canadian Lobster appetizingly unified with a mornay sauce and white wine (only available at 24 hours notice)
  • Neptune Salad
    A succulent delicious lobster combined with prawns and served on a bed of crisp lettuce, tomato and cucumber
  • Rump Steak
    A rump steak braised in port wine sauce with freshly picked button mushrooms a very tender steak which melts in the mouth
All Main Courses are served with potatoes and
a selection of freshly cooked vegetables
  • Profiteroles
    Choux pastry filled with fruit and fresh cream then enriched with a hot chocolate sauce
  • Meringue Nests with Raspberries Firm and crisp pure white meringue filled with delicious raspberries which are then covered with fresh cream
  • Brandy Snaps
    Rich golden brittle brandy snaps filled with fresh whipped cream
  • Banana Split
    The firm but ripe banana is merged with flavored ice cream, fruit topping, fresh cream and then sprinkled with cherries and finely chopped nuts - "Une piece de Resistance"
  • Melon Surprise
    Succulent Honeydew Melon combined with ginger and ice cream then smothered with whipped double cream
  • Delicious Home Made Apple Pie
    Freshly made apple pie smothered in whipped double cream
  • Assorted Fresh Cream Gateaux
    Strawberry, Black Forest, Coffee and Orange Mandarin (as available)
  • Rum Babas
    A sweet light pudding soaked in Rum syrup and filled with thick fresh cream
  • Cheesecake
    Strawberry, Blackcurrant and Orange with single cream
  • Cheese and Biscuits
    A selection of quality cheeses and assorted Biscuits with Butter
  • Coffee with Cream and Chocolate mints
    Viennese or Irish Coffee etc.
Wine List
  • Champagne
    Maison Christophe: Private Cuvee Extra Dry / Pink Champagne: Moet et Chandon Premiere Cuvee Dry
  • Sparkling Wines
    Veuve de Vernay Brut/Demi Sec - Dry/Medium Dry Aida Moscato Spumante - Medium Sweet Asti Spumante
  • Clarets
    St Emilion Christopher and Co - A round soft dry red wine
  • White Bordeaux
    Graves Christopher and Co - A medium dry wine to accompany most light meals Sauternes Christopher and Co - A rich sweet wine excellent with desserts
  • Beaujolais
    Beaujolais Christopher and Co - A light fresh and fruity red wine to go with meat
  • Burgundy (Red)
    Macon Rouge Bourgogne Rouge Christopher and Co - A soft fruity stylish wine to accompany red meats
  • Burgundy (White)
    Chablis Christopher and Co - A crisp light elegant white wine with good fruit
  • Rhone
    Chateauneuf-du-Pape Christopher and Co - A full bodied dry red to accompany rich meat dishes
  • German Wines (Hock)
    Liebfraumilch, QbA H Sichelm - A medium dry wine that goes well with most food / Bereich Nierstein Rheinhessen QbA H Sichel - A medium dry light wine that goes well with most food
  • Mosel-Saar-Ruwer
    Piesporter Michelsberg Mosel QbA H Sichel - A fresh medium dry wine that goes with light meals and fish
  • Portugal
    Mateus Rose - Slightly sparkling medium sweet table wine for drinking throughout the meal
  • EEC Table Wines
    Laski Riesling - In the popular Germanic style, medium dry and refreshing